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Molded-case circuit breakers

Switchgear – WSS

Intelligent breaker technology for the next generation







The moulded-case circuit breakers of the Mitsubishi breaker series are amongst the smallest compact circuit breakers in the world with electronic overload indication of this kind. The system is based, among other things, on the well-known and proven microprocessor technology.


WSS – World Super Series

The new WSS breaker series meets national and international protection ratings according to EN and IEC standards for industrial applications as well as for extended shipping demands.


The new tripping technology guarantees a high reliability and highest protection.



Highlights are:

    * 30 to 1600A switch size (3 and 4 pole)

    * overcurrent tripping relay unit (thermal-magnetic type or electronic type)

    * available in fixed and plug-in versions

    * breaking capacity up to 200 kA