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Hitachi High-efficiency Motors

A century of motor development experience,  Hitachi provides

a new generational motor. Neo100 [Super Power Series] debuted.


Main Features:

1. Global standerd

Conformity to JIS C 4212 (japan), EPAct(USA)


2. High-efficiency

Compare to the standard motor, iron core shape is improved and material quality is raised.

Motor loss is reduced 20-30%

This improvement realizes higher efficiency when compared with the standard motors.


3. Long motor life

    the temperature of stator coil has been decreased at 10-20°C under a rationalization design and a high

    cooling effect for an electric part.

    The coil insulation is achieved about two times longer on operation life compared with standard motor.

    The bearings are also about 2.5 times longer on operation life.

    The operation life changes depending on the operation conditions.


4. Inverter operation is also available

    (1:10 or 1:20 constant torque)

    0.4-1.5kW 4P is available to operate with 1:10(6-60Hz)speed under 100% constant torque operation using

    the inverters (In case the sensorless vector inverters are used) 1:20(3-60Hz)is also available with special

    design motors. These motors are adopted durable insulation system with advanced technology.


5. Furthermore benefit

    Low noise and vibration can be realized with advanced technologies.