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 Switches & Breakers

Molded Case Circuit Breaker

From economy type to high-end type, there are many variety of types
Circuit protection
Main Series
Economy type (30 - 800A FRAME), Standard type (30 - 4000A FRAME), High-end type (50 - 1200A FRAME)
  Earth Leakage Breakers
Due to take the same size with MCCB, it's easy to standardize, downsize and change specification
Shock guard for the body against leakage, Circuit protection
Main Series
Standard type (30-800A FRAME), High-end type (100 - 1200A FRAME)
Miniature Circuit Breakers

CB is applicable to electric circuit with rated voltage 230/400V, 240/415V AC, frequency 50/60Hz and rated current is up to 63A.
The product provides against overload and short circuit and equipments in household and commercial installations.
MCB is also used as non-frequent changeover of electric circuit.

Type B
Instant tripping characteristics : 3–5In
Application : computers and electronic equipments
Type C
Instant tripping characteristics : 5–10In
Application : general load such as bulbs , motors

Type D 
Instant tripping characteristics : 10–20In
Application : high current surge device such as transformers, motors with heavy load

  Air Circuit Breakers
Compact & Modular design

           -  More compact overall dimensions and light weights. 
           -  HITACHI ACB have been made three types of modular design creteria to facilitate 
              their installation and integration in low voltage switch board

High breaking capacity
           -  HITACHI ACB provides high breaking capacity up to 100kA
  Air Circuit Breakers [AKH, AKS, AKN Series]
Full line-up & Compact
Up to 6300A, ACB provides fully lined-up 3 frame.For each frame, there is just one size, which is smaller and more compact. It makes it possible for you to design the optimized volume panel.
Magnetic Starters & Contactors

Snap-on auxiliary contact block, color indicator, Adoption of twin contacts, High safety & reliability
Control motor load and protect heat damage
Main Series
Electromagnetic Contactors
Non-reversible type (10-800C frame), Reversible type (10-800C frame) Electromagnetic Starters
Non-reversible type (10-600C frame), Reversible type (10-600C frame)
  Thermal Overload Relays
Protection of motor's overload & heat damages Main Series:12B-600B frame