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Wire-Wound Power Resistor - DR Series

FEATURES:                                                                          PERFORMANCE:
 - Strong terminals (4.5-20KG/30SEC)                                    - Resistance temp coeff ฑ400, 260, 100PPM/ฐC
 - Resistance value unchanged affter longterm use                   - Short time over ฑ(2% ฑ0.05Ω) 

 - Multi-terminal types or adjustable typers available                 - Insulation resistance 500V 20MΩ MIN





Wire-Wound Power Resistor - DQ Series

 - Resisting 400ฐC MAX continuously
 - terminal strength : 20KG MIN
 - Resistance tolerance : below 5Ω ฑ10% and above ฑ5%
 - Heat dissipation is ultrally excellent
 - Small size versus large currents
Special material coating (three types to choose from)
 - Ceramic(1,200ฐC)  -Silicone(350ฐC)  -Enamel(500ฐC)


Metal Clad Wirewound Resistor - MHL Series

 - Low price Small size.
 - High power and Excellent load life stability.
 - Excellent short time over load.
 - Strongly resistant to moisture, solvent and insulation.
 - Self-extinguish material is used in molding.
 - both standard winding type and non-inductive winding type are available
 - Terminal arrangements should be separately specified.
 - High-surge-resistant items are also availabie.
 - Items with the thermal switcher are also available.